Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I've lost track of time. I'm vaguely aware that my time is going to immensely productive things, and that I'm probably having fun because it goes so quickly, but wow. Earlier today, my dad called me about visiting tomorrow, which is tough to schedule in with work and then volunteering from 9-4. I told him that we'd settle details later, and I'd probably give him a call Wednesday night. "Chloe, that's right now." Oh.

Mondays are class 9-4, then juggling at 5:30.
Tuesdays are work, "free time,*" then band and gardening club.
Wednesdays I don't see my dorm from 9-7 for class, volunteering, and socialist meeting.
Thursday is a repeat of Tuesday minus band occasionally plus time at the Shoe, then Outdoor's club and hanging out with Kira and Gab.
Friday is Monday minus juggling, usually plus partying.

*"Free time" is generally not time that is free for me, but time that is free to complete all of the other necessities of life that cannot be completed during the rest of the week, such as opening a bank account or having a doctor's appointment or "being advised."
**Pending there are no basketball games I am required to be at.

And I love it. I imagine that a future life will be a little more leisurely. I imagine actually having time to read the Times with orange juice, instead of skimming headlines then finishing my ecology readings. But this is the most incredible life I could be living right now. I get into the city as often as I'd like. I still attend lectures and programs and see friends and hang out and giggle. I've even had two weekday naps so far this semester. I'm learning and doing so much, but it feels like classes are where I'm learning the least (except ecology). It's a wonderful way to be.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Believe the Hawk Is Dead

Tonight, Temple's Men's Basketball played St. Joe's at home in the Liacouras Center. Their slogan, being the St. Joe's Hawks, is "The Hawk will never die." Accordingly, Temple's Wild Cherry fan section themed tonight, "The Hawk's Funeral." T-shirts were printed up, "RIP: The Hawk." Veils were given out, flowers, tissues. A cardboard coffin was crowd surfed down the student section while priests and nuns and people in suits mourned in the front rows. During the entrance of their team, the entire student section knelt and held their hands in prayer. Finally, once TU's victory was secured, our alum brought about the "I believe" chant to end with "I believe the hawk is dead." We went through three iterations of the cheering and jumping. It was marvelous.