Friday, March 11, 2011

The King of Kings Elvis impersonator to rule them all.

I like the old songs where your pretense is adorable for its innocence.

I'm pretty and going to Italy and PMSing and interesting and good with strangers and sometimes a little shy but otherwise really loud and I smile a lot and I know some things and I know there's a lot more to know and that I'm young and that I haven't done anything relative to what I can and there's so much I don't know about myself for being so assured of who I am and want to be and if it came down to flight vs. invisibility I'd fly and if it came down to going or staying in I'd go and that's why I have to leave and I try something normal and let go and let go and let go and, and, grow, because that's the most important. But it still sucks sometimes, 'cuz this time it's real.

I wonder how many inside jokes Randall Munroe has referenced in order to make his friends feel special that he specifically alluded to them in his internationally read comic.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Brain Boops

I can't ever be thankful enough for the people in my life.

There's not enough time for books.

Cuddling goes into serious decline when I'm at Temple.

There are a lot of unnecessary adornments on my desk.

Gifts given to me the past few years have become retrospectively more valuable.

Every time I look at something I like, I think, "I could make that. Not paying money."

"Babies! Babiesbabiesbabies! Babies!!! NO babies."

I'm grateful that my writing class forces me to write.

There are many candles in my room and only the oven to light them.

I learned to knit! I knitted!

Currently, I am very very far from self-supporting, but ever closer to self-sustaining.