Wednesday, April 6, 2011

White Bitches

Today, on the way to Urban Roots, some guy holla'd at me, Gab, and the new girls, "'Ey, white bitches!" in a generally positive manner. "Did he just yell 'white bitches' at us?" Upon catching up to him at the stop light, he reiterated his derogatory call, "Yeeehea, white bitches! I ain't never seen white bitches around here."


Monday, April 4, 2011

More Life, More Love

I'm more or less an unstoppable force.

Beautiful day. Took a risk in not wearing a coat and won big. I'm supposed to have class 9-4 with forty minute breaks 10-10:40 and 1:10-1:50. During the first break, I found that the breakfast meal limit had been bumped $0.40, making a bagel with lox only $.09 more expensive than my meal. Dropped off the tax form request from the $100 scholarship I won through the "Grit & Beauty" contest. Bam. Next class. It ends forty minutes early, so I chat it up with Gab in Anderson about future PJ days and swing dancing in the park until midnight. Class. Lunch. Much laughter with Gab, Kira, and Sam. Ad class wasn't entirely unbearable, as I got 5/5 extra credit problems right without reading the chapter. Nature of Crime also won bonus points as super group, and class ended early once more. I glocked out on the beach with m'cool musician friends, banjo, 12 string guitar, glock, and acoustic in tow. Ben and I got ice cream barefoot. I bothered Andrew and other friends on the beach. Realized it was almost 5. Ran barefoot back to the dorm. Aqua-robics with Gab and Kira. Dinner. Talked to Perry. *swooned* Met Emily's boyfriend after recognizing him from Facebook. Totally cried reading xkcd, but just a little bit. Got mail. Once again acknowledged having the best friends.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Update

As it was April Fool's and my professor was late, my Creative Acts class brought all of our desks into the hallway and finished class as a fire hazard. At night, Jon got us in a prank that threatened the outing but ended with dancing at "the Mad House" in Gab's super adorable dress. It was a lil' bit sleazy, but so was I with my dancing. The night ended with Jon saving me after Kira and Sam exchanged shouts, "You tell him she's your girlfriend." "No, you do it!" We ate Maxi's in 7-11 while discussing the perfect humor of arrested development, table-top board RPG board games, LARPing, and "ice coold coke."

Woke up at 8 to meet Amanda at 8:30. Together with Ti, we ventured to meet Engineers Without Borders, whose president, Poloma, was exceptionally interesting. Our little band walked up to the (unbelievable) Village of Arts and Humanities for their project day. We weeded, spread compost, transplanted hateful, evil bulbs, danced to a performance of Philly Bloco, had a little BBQ, and I stayed a little after with a Drexel poetry student who gave me his business card at the end, saying, "...if you ever need anything in University City." His business card was for cemetery services. The Village is at ~10th and Cumberland, so my solo walk home was graced with the phrase, "How you doing, white chocolate?" And I was doing fantastically. At night, Katy and I got ready with the ladies. She made me a dream journal. It's the most adorable thing, but I didn't remember my dreams last night. At the party, we wandered around. I absolutely loved Killer Whale. Their niche is GameBoy electronica of Katy Perry-esque pop songs, some rap, with the ever talented Bobby on vocals for every song. His performance name for the night was "DJ Glitterbomb," and boy, did I get glitter bombed. My whole chest and shoulders were covered in pink glitter thanks to an anonymous audience member. Yes, there were hipsters. Yes, I did get moshed into a corner during Fat Lip. Yes, they did in fact crowd surf a person in a basement not more than a foot and a half off my head.

Woke up at 10 to get ready. Kevin texted me that he cannot reach Jake and friends. That means Jake and friends aren't up and it's already 11:20 with a planned ETA at Rittenhouse of 12:00. I wake them up. I heckle them into readiness. Kevin brings over a garbage bag full of toast. I pay for their subway tokens, and we're off. So, me and the five gentlemen meet up with Viv in the park on this splendidly beautiful day to give free hugs. It stole my heart. I have hugs to children and puppies and adults and a man older than the moon. We were hugging simultaneous to Lindy Hoppers dancing, so they taught me the basic moves. Back step. Triple step. Triple Step. Back Step. There was possibly a smile on my face the whole time. The boys grouped together to form a roving hug pod. I loved it. We walked from there to the art museum. Kevin and I were a little dismayed to find it wasn't quite their cup of tea, but maybe it's for the best they don't participate in the consumerization of art.