Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Text Drafts

Draft #1:
Marry somebody Jack is excited to see, Get good at Bridge- play with old people, Michael's to get Mom's circle stitching, Food sovereignty, lifetimes lived/experienced at different magnitudes, breaking into Temple finances, giraffe with cow spots, Invent a better pin, Mass produced raspberry farms?, Honors weekly email promoting banquet, becquerel, Jean onesies, realizing the condensation is on the wrong side of the window, Stanford Engineering Everywhere, So vandalous, There are certain things that movies make up that feel like they should belong more in real life than imagination, Gab, I am not good enough for you at all. When you go on an adventure, you don't really consider the scope or scale, There were a lot of people wanted to tell me about Jesus, Learning Matters, Philly Grad Coach, Ken Robbinson, rotary cell phone, people recommend good thoughts to have at certain experiences, this song cats dancing, Kira judging us, me pitying Gab to appease Kira, the white queen,

Draft #2:
I'd be much more beautiful without a mirror, My ears are full of dead air, Finally really start G**** family cook book since I am only third gen. female G****, Climbing on shit is biologically instinctive, Cut out the unimportant things, You know you're from GV if, ENH det, Become friends with Kat, Find quality beauty products, Men are in danger because Jack Kerouac is more valued than Jack London, I like the tone of xkcd as something completely different, Read Jack London, Living viv(id), Find the Insectarium, Take Latin and dance classes, People to visit: AJ, Steve, Stasi, Steve, Jack, Ceci, free fun shit in Philly, where do the sounds go?, overcumming, infinite hands of music to this moment, rage feminine visceral, senses of beauty, of mind/body, Death by exploding turkey, peacoat hoodie, Guy picking up trash off the road killer movie, What was Temple doing in the 60s? pop icon, "I've been thinking less of you," Making out for lost time, in a dry manor pun short story, bleach stencil, spider web as structural support against shrapnel.

Draft #3:
I am defined by my gender, by my sex, making my definition one of sex, Philly Rocky Horry, Look into Neuman Center, Tissues and lotion in every bedroom of middle America, symmetry is a sign of life, colored bubbles, Metal like ribbons slip in grease or oil or car blood to make me feel bad to feel worse there's no art no nothing to look at because some things block the view midnight mannequin,

Draft #4:
Etymology of understand, save text drafts, write Canada review, poster series, Sunday is me day, Write an honest evaluation of Creative Acts, I will be aware of my surroundings and take time to address them, I will let the nerves of my body be tingled and conscious, I will probe for the deeper understand of whole academic fields and individual human beings, I will find the exaltation of MAN MAN MAN and HOLY SPIRIT in art and music, I will select the few I need to love and make time for the ones who need me, it's hard being judged so don't do it, depth of life is more important than length, but some periods of life can be deeper than others, be alone, experience silence, being silly is not being honest, being kind is always honest nice is not, understand, be kind, do work, Make time to read, We are of the environment and not in it, I'm no even cool in the band, One of us will have to go to the other's funeral, All my mom wants is for me to think about her, I will never have a tattoo,

Draft #5:
Just me and Gab at the art museum, Name of sanskrit swastika, There's not enough excuses to bunker down together, Do we write love poems because of the idea of love poems or because something beautiful needs to be described in a way it deserves, each poem written to a girl independent of poetic awareness was the most beautiful one, There's still so far to grow, length and depth of your life, I have a secret talent that people trust me, I totally understand why I got the Home Ec Aware in middle school, novelty bongs, Toothcase from Quantum labs, Become friends with mike, Religious figure vs. Religious teacher, Collegiate theory class for music majors, homeless army people are the ones who couldn't blend with military morale because you lose everyone when you leave, Napolean conquers the west, Things always look dormy because why invest the time, Scrabble with Steve, see Stasi, Katie, Joe, Fava, Taylor :\, talk to Tom?, pack, shop, Matt's AJ, Mom, drumline packet,

Draft #6:
Pimp panda, Index finger history, hand history, Depth and interest are removed with difficulty, Will the universe crystallize? Singing in the style of improv, Honors kids don't go to parties at Welcome Week, Suburban white boys don't fuck black girls, Going to college should be like a job, Titties tassles show, The our father is exclusively a group prayer, Garnet Valley postcards, A vocation and vacation are very different, A lesson in Civics, Wrecklessness opposite of recklessness, You can't tell story about macroscopic societal forces except through the eyes of an individual, PSA against laughter while drinking, August 6Th Linvilla Orchards, In the role of toilet paper, Be engaged in my work, Djarn black clove cigarettes, Bit coins, Slam poetry in ASL, If the state is just Socrates is not, but if he is just, the state is not- He can't be corrupting youth because if current ideal Athens, difference is accepted, because look at what a great student I am,

Draft #7:
It's harder to talk to people now because there are so many things happening there's a lower chance of having something pop-culturally in common, Condom pixel mural, Universal bathroom hesitation, to autopsy a ballerina, The suburbs culture is only now starting to exist, nostalgia for past "homes," From scratch year of cooking, Religious ultimatum dictates general flow of society, The Republic censorship of god, Build a vaporizer, Cultural Darwinism, Literary fractal, "Loose lips sink scholarships," Son Shower, Profit of God, Sample Hall & Oates, American flags are in every single classroom in America, Grandma making harmonies, Be-attitudes, First generation to not attend church, slow degredation of church, Religions are a translation of the universe, the trinity was a prediction of religious form-repeat, People have to be trained right, "Parents aren't allowing their kids to get bored," Flabbergasted is the whitest word. First generation with cable television

Draft #8:
Funscape is a dream place, fish deposited at the edge of the ride, better safe than sorry for those who work in the gas industry nearby, missed personal connections for Dan G., Definknitly, Bender is the night, The Lyin' King, Dr. Doomlittle, the old man and the seaMonster, also know as a farwell to arms, Masterbait, writer's room service, garden of weedin', Concert benefit of the doubt, buy nice camera, bowls of fruit in front of crazy historical scenes, Bird graffiti, test pattern graffiti, get good with free hand, Thought blog, book storage, Super market art gallery, Scavenger hunt, Public art, I'm sorry for your moss, Kate Moss, I lichen it to... Daily Show, famous pen pal, alarmed clock, pillow pests (lice, flies, mosquitoes), rockin' horse, rocking and rolling horse, the WHOm, Sender's Game, mossman, symbol polish, broad street linemen, why T9?, laptophat, Lisa Frankenstein, trim the heard, whisker away, bed spread, dawn of the debt, ridiculously nonsensical visual puns: cabin net in cabinet, it's noon resting place was a kitty in,

Draft #9:
Athens cannot be just because if that is ideal justice they deserve to kill him except now not corrupt, if not, literary origami, do virtuous metaphors apply to socrates? Socratic plays style, What relation does the story have to reality, blind prophet from Oedipus, Greek exceptionalism, importance of music- it has an especially focused segment on corruption of youth, start out subtle- blaspheme the gods in a sneaky way before they're on guard, introduction of scientifically rigorous and proofed logic, poetic rhythm cultural symbolism? how was the work published and to whom? corrupted student and "lover?" relationship between ideal city and Athens, focus on the "one man, one job" thing in relation to outside criticism of Athenian democracy, it's ideal to not be a busy body like the Athens that murdered Socrates, "what is justice? justice was not killing Socrates," "it's right in front of your face the whole time," but that is the state, who is it individually being aimed at?, that is the content, but what is the style of ironic paradox saying?

Draft #10:
Art is to understand and capture (the human condition) in pure expression, so's science, timeless observer man, Need to know more Socratic background and Illiad, Who can save me from the lazy mellow? How are bagels made? Talk to a CAMs professor about the Republic being a farce, [sic]

Draft #11:
Nothing moves > light, Cambodia-America stickers, Hisptermination, WebSight, The air between a flock of birds, Origami Owl Towel, Write a horror movie, Guilloteen, Beach patrol scaring your friends with real patrol already there, I like the time when churches overflowed, Friendship awards night, Phone sext, Red Balloon viewing party, Beach beach party, Murder mystery party, Motorcycle license, Having blood on one's hands meant to have masturbated on your period, Big trucks as an actual visceral fear every day, Pro-government riot, Grape koolade and lemonade, Red dye beetle farms, Scuba underwater mapping system, giant red solo cup trash can, Al Qaida is not a Holy War, chip tune tiny beep turning into massive speakers, Flying carpet beach towel with tassels, Atoms moving through each other in "liquid ringed solid," Very few white girls have a perfect voice, the "hold me" was held, Mad Men, i get knocked down but I get up again, Ask dad for list of movie recommendations, To "become" an athlete. Become a musician. Become, not be. Edible soaps,

Draft #12:
Austin as Bassist, Star Wars Movie Night, Write Jill, Kevin, Katy, make stationary, Ben is tense, Famous architecture sand molds, What is chauvinism?, Are there salt analogues?, email NSA email guy, Text Josh H****, Text Mom, How did A. P*** get to be who he is? Ho wlong did Dan "think" after reading Zen? return his books, Charge the bike battery, clean room, hide stuffed animals, have keys and visa for ride, text Kat, dust blinds, store/hide photo books, get vibrator, talk to Dad about toilet seat, email R******* and G*********, post ISP/TOR in MDI, change sheets, wipe down bathroom heater, sponge kitchen things, do dishes?, move clutter, vacuum, intern for Penthouse,

Draft #13:
We haven't been to a party in a while because I haven't peed Like That In A While Lower classes Are More Gender Neutral, white Fancy Themselves ADAM In Naming All Things Named Unnamed "It's like opening the Lost Arc. All the Nazis melt."

Draft #14:
Dish soap, a genius unaware, secular Catholicism is Irish Catholicism, director of the Please Touch Museum, "high culture," obscure suburban legends, Kaczmarczik lectures, Franklin Institute astronomy night, pixeled condom art,, Baked goods, Phillyurbancreators, Philly culture grant?, interactive mural map, indie move: friend helping through sex therapy, Daily Heller, mit course ware, craigslist yarn, Animal shoes, What are the Israeli reports for casualties of Hammas action, What is this charter in relationship to Hammas? Making mallets, Weaver's Way, Holy Trinity Bethlehem Church,

Draft #15:
Fluffy dandylions as firecrackers model human being, Slight green haze to burn the cloud cover, Phillippe Charlier- catacombs,

Draft #16:
Pre-fruit of evil is commentary on East/West spiritualism

Draft #17:
Women for Women international, tree decorated with bags, getting accepted to the wrong heaven, Little red riding hoodie, fairy tale album, Sing without refrain, Dracula on the stage, Here is eternal spring for you the very stars of heaven are dew, At my most troubled moment, I was a young woman, Quote on Mt. Zion Church, "Friendship is like a book, it only take a few seconds to burn."

Draft #18:
Baby wall filled with letters/journals, Tiger face paint a drunk person, Paint brush as grass, Birthday Dorothy Channing, Autotune Skype, Waterfall along curve of peeled orange, wicker body cage, Draw myself in the reflected bottom of a mug, Temple T essay, Oh my lord- peasant, Shark vs. Grizzly, little red riding hoodie, Window markers, Ink unbound from paper, monopole, oxygen diffuse across skin, way to/o normal illinois, say sorry to end consequences, Egg crate, cinder block art functionality, RealiTVH1, sky is the limit, Write essay in the shape of a naked lady, hard boil eggs in container, full sized Waldo cut out, write song, make music video, Destiny-destination, submit to wetriffs, how do you itching, neighborhood watch is easier when houses are close together, inflatable balloon that expands to umbrella, whisper down the lane with a phone number then call it, mosque-y toes, I'll never have to sneak out again, new friends reading old blogs, my uncle Mike tells stories where my dad is the witty hero, never seen squirrel poop