Tuesday, July 5, 2011


To myself included, I've promised several people that this would be for me "The Year of Travel." Being in Philadelphia helped me realize my freedom of movement. Theoretically, it had always been there. Catching a train and the subway isn't hard, neither is catching the bus and getting a passport. Tomorrow is when I start to keep that promise in reality. My alarm is set for 8am. My bag is packed with clothes and a couple books. I'm catching the 9:30 out of Marcus Hook, eventually arriving in Lancaster to hang out in the warm summer company of "crazy Matt F." There are a couple things I hope we'll accomplish during my visit including meeting his friends, going to the legendary "Roburrito's," hiking to a view of Red Lion, and exploring an abandoned minigolf course. Thursday, I catch the train back to Philly and from there depart on a late bus to D.C. to visit Nicki and her free museums.

Two weeks from now is backpacking.
A month from now, O Canada.

It helps to have good examples of travelers.