Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Night Inimitable

Last night was one of those nights where I even realized during the night that I was with people I love on a night inimitable. Around 10, I didn't have anything to do, so I texted up some friends to see what's going down. Jake was hanging with Kevin and invited me over, so I got my snow stuff on and headed over. It was perfect packing snow and falling in gorgeous sheets (eventually 15 inches), so we decided to venture on out into the night for fun. We stopped back at my building so Jake could get snow clothes, and on our way out to go to Bubba's, we stopped for a minute to throw snowballs at the kids in the courtyard and each other. During that minute delay, our home was invaded by a mob from another building, and we spent an exhausting quarter hour or so repelling the invasion after they stormed the gates with snowballs high. I made a kamikaze mission and got out relatively unscathed, and my friends also fought valiantly, but not everyone was so honorable (that's a joke because they're in the honors building). In the parking area, I caught my friends with some pretty good snowballs before Jake tackled me to the snow, and I bear wrestled him into a snow beard. Eventually, we got past that to made enormous effing snowmen in a Rite-Aid parking lot (I highly recommend you find that video). They were holding hands and had hats and tons of little babies and a kitten. We were still there when the plow came to destroy their beautiful world, so humorously I threw myself in front of the dozer. We managed to save two of their babies, entrusting one to a snowperson in the area. The other is in my freezer. I think when I threw myself in front of the plow is when I lost my phone and cards. We also busied around all over campus until cops told us to go home, at which point we retreated for hot chocolate, a dryer for our clothes, and Smash Bros Brawl.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunday to Sunday: First Week Back

Sunday: Moved in, met Danielle. Spent the day unpacking/hanging out with friends to catch up. [edit: Went to Kevin's 21st Birthday Party at the Misconduct Tavern.]

Monday: Woke up at 8 for Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service with the Gardening Club. Running out to the bookstore with lovely ladies from TCG to prepare for classes/get added to the listserv editors.

Tuesday: Left 'rill early to apply for my passport at City Hall. Walked to Wooden Shoe Books to start my training session. Learned how to use a cash register/read a lot.

Wednesday: First day of classes, 9-4. Had massive lunch with friends and two basketball games.

Thursday: Visited to the student health center, applied for the Hart Passport Scholarship, went shopping for tapestries on South St. with my roommie. Walked up to the Kimmel Center for "College Night."

Friday: Second day of classes, one class cut short, another massive lunch with friends. Went to a show at the Maggot House with Kat and Matt. Brought the Pimp Goblet. Made friends. Got knocked over when massive boys started thrashing in the basement. Found "scarf-on-the-door" when I returned home so hung out with Matt until 2.

Saturday: Was interrupted in party prep by a fire drill, brought the Pimp Chalice to Doug's and wore supa fly Kanye shades (which both impair vision and do not protect from sun), had a lovely walk home.

Sunday: Went to a ska show with Matt and Ben, won a free shirt for skanking the hardest, but mostly because I was the only girl skanking. Hooray for boobies!