Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Big Night in Little City

I went to hang out with Sara in Philly yesterday. Taking the train was quick, and I got to reading Up from Slavery by Booker T. Washington. The preface, introduction, and first chapter are good so far.... From the station, I walked to the Mutter Museum a little south of 22nd and Market and met her biking. Big hugs, big news, and lots of fun in the macabre museum. There are so many terrible, terrible jokes that can only be told in the context of looking at medical freak shows. After two hours of perusing the displays, I settled for two post cards and a recommendation from the cashier to check out "Iron Maiden Futurism" if I liked defacing money.

We made our way south from there. Conversation while walking is very pleasant. We discussed our religious histories, filled each other in on our goings-on with menfolk, I got the scoop on her pseudo-boo Bryan, and we looked into probably five restaurants before declaring ourselves too broke for human food. From there, we walked to the South St. Diner. Relatively cheap, we got french toast and pancakes between us. Sara asked for blueberry syrup, and our waitress said she'd go look. Bringing back whole blueberries, we continued eating and talking. Sometime later, Sara noted that they'd better not charge her for the berries when she'd really wanted syrup. Lo and behold, it was a dollar for the dish of fruit. Politely contesting it with the waitress, the woman declared, "There's no such thing as blueberry syrup, and I've worked in five diners. You asked for a side of blueberries, and I brought them to you. You can take it up with the manager if you want." During that, we countered respective with, Sara - "I have blueberry syrup at home." "Have you ever been to Perkins?" Me- "IHOP?" "She said syrup." And so, to the manger, who immediately dismissed the charge. That's how broke we were, even though it contradicts the next story.

After eating, we went to Na Ka Oi Tiki Tatoo, one of the best parlors in Philly according to Sara. She was going to get little silver dermals on her chest, and immediately upon entering the establishment, I agreed with her superlative. The man who attended to her, Luis Garcia, had the most professional attitude I've seen in any store in Philadelphia. There was an extensive conversation to go over the procedure, risks, and cleaning, and he knew his job. Ten minutes later, she had her new jewelry, and I hadn't had enough time for an impulse purchase. Oh well. She paid in cash, and we made our way back to Temple.

We took a little sit down break in Franklin Square Park to try the swings. We unfortunately realized we were old and the swings were a bit much, so we sat on a bench. In using the park's bathroom, I put my bags in the sink rather than the floor. Some seconds later, I realized it was an automatic sink. That's pretty fancy for a park. Just past Market St., Sara recognized a guy on a bike who stopped to chat. It was pseudo-boo Bryan! He invited her to a movie last minute, but not being able to, expressed desires for later plans. What a coincidence. Philadelphia is really just a giant neighborhood.

Finally getting back to her house (readers should appreciate the 5.3 miles we walked), I got to meet her amazing roommate, Robin, and we have a lovely little sleepover. :]

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Book Ends

At the end of each trip to Myrtle Beach, I repeatedly declare, "Last year was the best year of my life." It seems I've meant it more emphatically as time goes on. This year's reflections lingered on boys and growing up. My friends are stupendous. I've had the company of undeserving-ly great guys. The path to grown up-hood has made its presence known, even if exact route can't be found until the end. It's my last year as a teenage girl, and I've been blessed.

Once, when texting with Kate, I wanted to wide-eyed look her in the eyes and say, "You're so wise," in a semi-somber tone. It was true, but there's no way to for me to say that without sounding silly.

Last night, I said goodbye to Jeff (again). I was grateful for the second chance to do justice by our friendship. I laughed a lot and made both of his parents laugh, too. Ginger was not a fan of my jokes, though. There were chocolate chip cookies and fireworks. (Why there were fireworks, I don't know.) We shared a nice goodbye hug and I didn't cry, even when I was alone. It's scary that he's leaving right now, but it'll be a phenomenal story when he gets back.