Saturday, April 16, 2011

Privileged to this Life

There's this impossible goodness to my life right now. It's like the future will be lit by Christmas lights and we'll throw dinner parties on our roofs in the late summer dusk. Things are in motion. Philadelphia is the place to be and the people to be with. I saw a StorySlam and the artistry of graphic design. It's moving frighteningly fast. We're a quarter done undergrad and keeping pace. It's warm loveliness.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Tonight was the community garden's fundraiser banquet. We doubled our private bank account, informed the community there's actually non-toxic dirt somewhere on campus, and ate (slightly less than) a ton of great food. Steve came. I everyone I personally invited came. Danielle lent me an entire outfit and did my makeup, and I was adorable. It was a wonderful, wonderful night.

Kira is now in possession of a 9' tall steel bear skeleton- reduced to a Kira-tall bear skeleton torso.

Biking to work was unreasonably pleasant this morning as was watching sarcasm be explained to a three year old girl. Even more so was biking to the fabric district and browsing swatches in the after-work, afternoon sun. Completing my survey of fabric distributors, I headed over to Rittenhouse to bother Kevin on his project. We hung out and talked in the grass for approximately two hours following its completion.

Gab and I made dirt (pudding/oreo/gummi worm) upon my return to campus, with Tina on the assist later proclaiming, "If I liked pudding or chocolate, y'all would have to give me one of those."

I just found and removed the most satisfying split end. I had to show it to Danielle it was so split.

Last night found me witness to an interesting mix of the mundane and the thrilling.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Want to Do List

Basic Pole Dancing
Lecture on Pedagogy in Mexico
7 Poets on Theme of Seven
Magic Garden Mosaic Lecture

Urban Roots
Swing in the Park 9-12am
Kelly Writer's House
Spring Fling

Drawing Comics
Puppets Lecture
Global Education Lecture
Puppets as Avatar

Belle Epoque
Outdoor's Club
Rose is a Rose on Queen Joesephine
Salsa 9-2am

Dissent in America lecture
Gallery Night
Gattaca Screening
Cover Artist lecture

Operation Sing
Leftover Extravaganza
Alumni Band
New Music Symposium/Discussion
Book Fair
Alumni Weekend

Music for Marriage Equality
Socialism Discussion
Rise of the Right
Musical Artists

Sometimes, it's all I can think of, eating a Klondike bar outside that window.
there's a little conflict