Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Perpetual Dawn

I explored the Tyler galleries not thirty minutes ago with Wes and Kira. When else could it happen. I love college.
I love college.
I love college.
I love college.
My last class is Monday.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Crawling in Bed with the Birds

This morning, I had one of those nights. Something worked out for me at some point, 'cuz I have amazing friend and my role in the group is "actualizing do-gooder." Yesterday, absolutely gorgeous, I spent all free time on the beach with whatever group I would inevitably find. The last such group of the day was Ben and Steve. Within ten minutes of my setting down with them, it was proposed we investigate the rumors of animal testing in Weiss and locate the rooftop access which had been confirmed to exist. We found both. And Harry and Kira. Although we saw no actual animals, there were numerous cages and a few rat boxes on the top floors we were able to access. After much finagling, we also found the unlocked door to the roof. It was so warm and windy on the roof. Weiss is one of the tallest buildings on campus, which offered a gorgeous view of Philadelphia. I pointed out the abandoned elementary school I explored with Matt, Tom, and Emily. Harry voiced his intent to enter the Divine Lorraine. Then the boys made paper planes with inscriptions to launch off the roof. It was hipster beautiful to watch them float off. They really did look like birds.

Kira and I went to aquarobics and zumba without having dinner in between. I was a little too matchy-match with my red shirt to my face.

It gets to about 11:30, and it gets time to enact another one of my collegiate dreams: "late night beaching." Nearly all of my friends had taken part, and I'd yet to go through with it. I text up a crowd, enticing with promises of Swedish fish and peanuts. So began the night. I brought a blanket, as did Gab (fashioning hers into a cape). Her and Kira flew around the Bell Tower and saved the world. We had a venerable beach party and three pounds of peanuts to keep it going. We played "Pterodactyl" and "Animals." I was overjoyed that Sam knew "No Soap Radio." We shared history. Ben and I made the same references all night. We climbed a tree. A drunken man forcefully entered the temporary castle, and we shouted, "All hail the kind!" He later mooned us, then introduced himself. He was very nice. We also saw boobies. The cops were out full force and told us it was because of "vandals." As all the best nights do, this one ended. Gab flew off to J&H, so I ran to hug her and got a flying leap of a hug with more laughter than anything. Kira joined the hug puddle and we shook with "I can't believe this is happening. She flew into my arms." It was the purest hug I may've ever had.

And I shout and I shout and I shout.

Sunday, April 24, 2011