Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tom Jones FEAST

After $1 night bowling at AMF and running into Jeremy, we walked over to Arby's for exactly two curly fries and two sodas. Turned away at the walk in restaurant because it was closed, they directed us to the drive in. We returned to the cars, decided one car for seven people was most efficient, especially if the car in question was a Honda Civic. Pulling back around, the drive thru operator was amused by the late night antic. Accordingly, she gave us five extra dollar fries. Score.

Steve F. and I went back home to make brownies and talk. Someday we won't have this weird resistance between us, but still getting there. Almost as soon as we'd cut up the brownies, Nick called to escort me to Tom Jones. It was him, Gabby, Pat, and Aiden (whose name I remember!) in the car. They were grateful for brownies, especially Aiden the birthday boy. The ride was fun, some singing and a good discussion of Neil Young. At TJ's, we met up with Joel, Sarah, and Eric. It was good to see Joel, wonderfully enough. He's so purely oblivious in the best way, and Eric and Sarah are a comedic power couple. All but three of us ordered the Blue Ribbon Special. There was so much food and so much "stuff" on our table, it felt like a venerable feast. We lingered in conversation, tallied the money, but before leaving, saw two unexpected guests arrive in the restaurant. It was none other than Max G. and Ian! And they weren't alone, oh happy night! Taylor, "other Chloe," and Eric were also here! Some of the party in question had imbibed illicit substances, and the one whose body I would most like to touch spoke to me in drunken adoration. It was adorable! I'm infatuated! At this point, it was probably nearing two-ish? They ordered their meals, another round of Blue Ribbon Specials. It was so good! Promises were made for all of us to hang out again before the summer was over, and a few of us after the return to school. I got into my house a little shy of 4am. Beautiful life.

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