Friday, January 13, 2012

All of the Possible Fears in the Whole World

heights-water-sharks-spiders-barking dogs-failure-being left all alone despite trying to have a fulfilling life- the people you love will die a sad painful untimely death - old age- death to your own, physical body- that you will trip and fall in front of people and they will laugh even though it hurts a little- that you or a loved one will being a continuous pain- you will be poor and hungry on the streets- fear that you will suddenly lose the ability to understand people - fear of abandonment- being robbed by a black man- being violated- rape-black people-big words-you'll forget your lines or your speech in front of a big crowd- lions-tigers-wild beasties-the unknown-things that are different from you- that sociable, upper class women will make fun of your fashion- rejection after you expose yourself to someone who you care about and you hope they will not hurt you--you will get mad at someone you love and then that night something very terrible will happen to them and you will never be able to ask forgiveness or tell them you love them - being buried alive- bad omens-losing your hair- getting cancer or something other terrible, wasting disease that will allow you to witness your own decay before death- zombies- curses- werewolves-vampires-rabies-bats-that you will be obsessed by something and it will drive you mad-needles-hospitals-science-drowning

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